Fundaments, Fragments, Open Questions 

a short trip through the building of physics

from Wolfgang Jacobsen

Physics Monograph (in the german language)
for physics students
and for anyone else being also interested in physics

(free download as PDF-files)

If you want to regard or download one or several booklets of this monograph please go directly to one of the menu bars booklet 1 to 8 or booklet 9 to 15. 

The detailed and complete directory of the monograph (in german), which is also part of the booklet 1, can be downloaded via the following link.

If you immediately want to download the complete monograph (actually 31 MB), but only if you really want it, please click here: Download Physics Monograph complete (in german).

I wish you a great learning progress and at least a little bit of fun in reading my monograph.

Wolfgang Jacobsen

© Wolfgang Jacobsen 2014