Physics Monograph

Fundaments, Fragments, Open Questions 

a short trip through the building of physics

from Wolfgang Jacobsen

Physics Monograph
for physics students
and for anyone else being also interested in physics

(free and legal download as PDF-files)

The monograph totally consists of 15 major units which I call booklets. Every booklet has a hierarchical structure of chapters, sections and paragraphs. I am working on this monograph already quite a long time, but nevertheless it is still not yet finished. And it will stay to be not finished for quite a while. That is why I added a flag to each unit of the monograph text (booklets, chapters and sections) which marks the mean degree of completion of this unit:

(*) : This text unit is already worth to be read. The most important facts are already almost completely presented.
(-) : The unit contains already some coherent paragraphs which are worth to be read. But on the other hand there still exist several important gaps.
(-/-) : Up to now the unit exists primarily at a summary of catchwords and remarks. It may not yet be helpful for to study the subject concerned.

Units without any flag I quote as mainly completed. Nevertheless they may have some gaps. Normaly I mark them by a flag XXX integrated in the text.

You will find the titles of these booklets and their actual size in MB via the menu bar contents, devided into the subgroups booklet 1 to 8 and booklet 9 to 15. Each title has a link to the page with the directory of the selected booklet. Here you can regard and download the booklet. If you don't want to dive directly into the complete monograph you'll find some more or less typical text examples through the link Examples which are proposed to seed appetite for more. You can regard and download these examples as pdf-files or as MP3-audio-files. Via the link figures you will find some examples of the figures I added to the whole text in quite a lot of quantity. 
You will find the index of the monograph by clicking here.

Sincerely yours

W. Jacobsen

© Wolfgang Jacobsen 2014