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I use it preferentially for presenting to the public my monograph in physics . The download is free for everybody. You will find all useful informations about its contect and how to download it via the menu bar Monograph in Physics above.
But unfortunately I must confess that up to now the book is available only in the german version. I am waiting with great interest for volunteers proposing to translate it into the english language. 

It would be a great pleasure for me to get any feedback from you about how you felt with my monograph, if you found any mistakes or not understandable parts in the text etc. . Please use for your remarks the mail formular which is accessible via the menu bar contact / mail. In any case I confirm that I shall keep your mail adress confidential. I shall never pass it to any other person.
You may also write your comments into the guestbook which is also accessible via the menu bar
contact / guestbook.

I wish you lots of fun in reading my monograph.

Wolfgang Jacobsen

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